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 » BEEP Integrated Design Charrette: Overview

BEEP Integrated Design Charrette: Overview

The Integrated Design Way

One of the key objectives of the Indo-Swiss Building Energy Efficiency Project is to help Indian builders and developers in adopting new processes, tools and technologies for designing energy-efficient buildings. BEEP believes that cost effective energy efficient design is possible by following an integrated design process and a “charrette” or an intensive design workshop is an effective tool to implement the integrated design process. Integrated Design means that the client, the architect and the engineering design team start working on the project together right from the beginning, based on the client brief. Doing this allows to tap the largest energy saving potential with minimum effort and cost.

BEEP Integrated Design Charrettes are conducted over 4 days by a team of senior Swiss and Indian architects and engineers, for selected building projects in their early design stage. The objective of these charrettes is to develop a viable energy concept for the building project.

Till date BEEP has conducted charrettes for 11 commercial projects. The potential for energy savings as a result of BEEP initiatives were in the range of 25% to 50%.

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