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 » Energy Conservation Building Code – Residential (Part I: Building Envelope)

Energy Conservation Building Code – Residential (Part I: Building Envelope)

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The new Energy Conservation Code for Residential Buildings is being established by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power. BEEP has provided technical assistance to BEE for the development of the Part I: Building Envelope of the code. The code is applicable to all residential use building projects built on plot area ≥ 250 m 2 . To begin with the code is mainly targeted on multi-storey, multi-family housing projects being constructed in urban areas. The three major aspects covered by the code are:

  • Reducing heat gains (in hot climates) and reducing heat loss (in cold climates) through the building envelope, which helps in reducing the energy used for space cooling or heating.
  • To ensure adequate natural ventilation to improve thermal comfort and reduce energy for space conditioning.
  • To ensure adequate day-lighting.

In India, the city governments are responsible for framing and implementing building regulations. The energy conservation building code for residential buildings will become effective once various city governments amend and implement the building regulations. It is expected that a residential building complying with the code will consume 15-20% less electricity for air-conditioning compared to a residential building constructed using prevalent design and construction practices. Four Regional Consultations have been organized to seek comments on the draft code: Chennai: 31st January 2018 Kolkata: 2nd February 2018 New Delhi: 6th February 2018 Mumbai: 13th February 2018

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06 Feb, 2018
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06 Feb, 2018