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 » Integrated Design Charrette for Public Office Building in Karnataka

Integrated Design Charrette for Public Office Building in Karnataka

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The proposed project is located within the existing complex, which, at present, houses three other building structures. The building is designed to be Vaastu compliant as this was a major concern with the existing building and the reason why a new building was proposed. External architectural expression of the building unveils the heritage of the city. The existing design is a G+25 (ground + 25 storeys) building having a built-up area of 80,000 sq.m. It accommodates functional spaces such as assembly hall, dining hall, chambers for higher municipal officials, meeting hall, health centre, post office, bank, Right to Information office, video conference hall, and ancillary activity spaces. Two tower blocks (~36 m × 36 m each) soar from G+4 to G+25 level and accommodate various offices. It is expected that this office will experience significant public visitors during the working hours.


Project Snapshot
Built-up area: 80,000 m2
Climate type: Moderate


Strategies recommended during the charrette

  • Façade orientation, window and shading design
  • Maximizing daylight in the office area
  • Improving the quality of space
  • Thermal inertia
  • Low energy seasonal cooling strategies
  • Energy efficiency measures for chillers
  • Gliding temperature at evaporator and condenser of chillers
  • Variable speed drives on chillers
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13 Mar, 2014
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13 Mar, 2014
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29 Dec, 2017