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Technology Component

2018 – 2021

Objective:External Movable Shading sYStems (EMSYS) are established in the market as building component in 1-2 selected urban clusters in India

External movable shading systems (EMSYS) afford the best protection from solar heat gains from windows, which is the largest outdoor heat gain source in most buildings. Their effectiveness has also been shown in various BEEP II charrettes through energy simulation. However, there is a dearth of viable and cost-effective products in the market. It has been found that the current availability of systems that can be described as EMSYS is generally limited to bamboo “chiks” and niche custom-designed systems for specific buildings. Most chiks are fabricated in an informal sector and are not durable or long-lasting. The customised systems, on the other hand, are expensive and not affordable for mass construction.

Planned Activities:

  • Innovative EMSYS products are developed either through incubation or self-supported; and the respective market is developed: BEEP will assist in transformation from design prototype to product for new designs as well as technical improvement and manufacturing optimisation of the existing industry.
  • Develop a Manual on EMSYS for builders: BEEP will develop a manual on EMSYS informing builders and users on the practical aspects of appropriate product selection, installation, operation and maintenance.


Building Insulation Material Testing

Insulation helps reduce heat transfer. So, in hot climates, insulation on roofs and walls reduces the transfer of the heat from outside to the inside spaces. In cold climates, insulation prevents heat transfer from the warmer inside spaces to outside. BEEP has worked in the following areas:

  • Development of the physical infrastructure and human competencies in selected Indian laboratories for testing of building insulation materials in India.
  • Providing assistance to BEE in development of a label for building insulation materials.
  • Making available training material package on building insulation.