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Thomas Jusselme

Thomas Jusselme is an eco-design engineer and researcher. He completed his education in 2003 with a Master’s in Industrial Design at UTC Compiègne after earning a degree in environmental engineering in Lyon. He pursued his interests by studying sustainable architecture practices, traveling to 25 countries and subsequently co-founded exNdo (an architectural firm) and Milieu studio (an eco-design engineering office) in Lyon, where he was CTO for eight years. In 2015, he co-created COMBO Solutions, a start-up for energy and digital transition in buildings. He taught during 6 years as a senior lecturer at Grenoble and Lyon higher national schools of architecture. He is currently a research associate with the Building 2050 research group for EPFL at the smart living lab in Fribourg. He is also working on his PhD as part of the EPFL’s LIPID and LAST laboratories.