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Ziaul Hoda

Ziaul Hoda is a Human Capacity Development expert with a focus on facilitation of Competency Based Learning Solutions. He is an agile practitioner of Social Sciences and Human Behaviour. He is a trained facilitator, leading workshops and training programmes on subjects such as: Result Orientation, Managing for Development Results, International Cooperation, Excellence in Professional Performance, Leading with Passion and Purpose, and Institutional Development Processes. In his career spanning 16 years until now, he has facilitated and moderated over 3000 professionals from more than 200 organisations covering Govt., Non-Govt and Pvt Sector. While doing so, he has come across organisations of different sizes and nature. He firmly believes and incorporates values such as: equality, Gender and people first in his capacity development processes wherein facilitating the process of learning in a manner that it nurtures self-initiated exploration and learning by the participants.