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Swiss PMTU

Pierre Jaboyedoff

Senior Engineer and Energy Consultant, Partner in Effin'Art Sarl

Pierre Jaboyedoff has more than 30 years of experience in energy-efficient buildings and solar energy applications. He is a partner in Effin'Art Sarl and is an expert in the development and application of high-performance, innovative, and climate-responsive solutions ranges from industry to data centres. Pierre was instrumental in the establishment of the Rolex Learning Centre, one of Europe’s lowest energy consuming buildings. Pierre has also worked extensively in India, to implement projects related to energy efficiency and renewable energies in various economic sectors since the early 1980s.

Dario Aiulfi

Senior Engineer and Energy Consultant, Partner in Effin'Art Sarl

Dario Aiulfi, a senior research and development engineer, is a partner in Effin'Art Sarl. He specialized in fluid dynamics; HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning); and building dynamic energy simulation for low-energy and high-performance buildings. Dario carries with him over 20 years of experience and has worked on large industrial, office and residential buildings., He also has rich experience in designing and optimizing building management systems for complex installations.

Dominique Chuard

Partner in Effin'Art Sarl

Dominique Chuard is an architect with over 30 years of experience in the field of energy efficiency in buildings. He has led hundreds of studies in the domain and developed numerous energy concepts for a range of buildings. Over the years, Dominique has become a federal expert in building physics for new and existing buildings, particularly historical monuments. He has vast knowledge of vernacular architectural practices through consultancy tasks, research and teaching. He is also a recognized expert in subjects related to daylight optimization, natural ventilation, thermal comfort, and bioclimatic design.

Chinar sharma

Assistant Project Manager in Effin'Art Sarl

Chinar Sharma has a degree in Electronics and Communication engineering form Rajasthan Technical University and an M.B.A. from Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow. She has three years of experience, largely in corporate strategy, business planning and project management.

Indian PMTU

Sameer Maithel

Founder and Director, Greentech Knowledge Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Sameer Maithel, with more than 25 years of experience, is an energy technologist, specializing performance measurements, market research, formulation and management of projects/programmes, policy advice for transfer, and diffusion of clean energy technologies. Since 1995, he has been part of several energy and climate related projects supported by SDC in India, Vietnam, Nepal, Bangladesh, and South Africa. Sameer started his career with an oil exploration and production company, the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd, and then was associated with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI). He has been a visiting faculty at IIT, Bombay, and a member of several government committees for the formulation of renewable energy and energy efficiency programmes.

Prashant Bhanware

Principal Consultant, Greentech Knowledge Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Prashant Bhanware has more than 10 years of experience as an energy engineer with core expertise in building energy simulation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy and a Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE)-certified Energy Auditor (EA-6602). He worked with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) on renewable energy resource assessment, experimentation of solar technology, feasibility studies/detailed project report preparation, and energy master planning. His next stint was with the International Institute for Energy Conservation (IIEC) where he provided technical support and managed activities for projects on demand-side management, energy efficiency, renewable energy (waste to energy), and energy audits.

Saswati Chetia

Senior Programme Officer, Greentech Knowledge Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Saswati Chetia with over 8 years of experience as an architect and green building consultant is also an empanelleed GRIHA evaluator and trainer. Saswati has worked as an architect and green building consultant with Deependra Prashad Architects and Planners (DPAP) Her work as focused on the architectural design of various building projects as well as green consultancy and green ratings facilitation projects. She was also associated with the International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism, a sister body of the Prince of Wales Foundation, UK, a non-governmental organization generating awareness on traditional and sustainable methods in architecture and urbanism.

Vernica Prakash

Programme Officer, Greentech Knowledge Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Vernica is an architect with over 7 years of experience and holds a masters degree in Public Policy and Sustainable Development from TERI University. She is also an IGBC Accredited Professional and has previously she has worked as a green building consultant with GreenTree building Energy (P) Ltd. and Space Matrix Design Consultants on various large-scale projects for GRIHA & IGBC certification. A core of her experience has been in managing and implementing the technical activities under BEEP. She works closely with the Bureau of Energy Efficiency and the state PWDs for the implementation of energy-efficiency measures in the public buildings.

Vasudha Sunger

Programme Officer, Greentech Knowledge Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Vasudha holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and a Master’s degree in Building energy performance from CEPT University. She is working as a programme officer under the Indo-Swiss Building Energy Efficiency project.


Andreas Binkert

Architect & Partner in Nüesch Development AG

Andreas Binkert has over 30 years of architectural and teaching experience in Switzerland, USA, and Canada. He graduated from the Federal Institute of Technology of Zurich. He is a partner at Nüesch Development and the manager of its Zurich and Lucerne offices. His recent works include the planning and development of EbiSquare, the lifestyle mall in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Armin Binz

Senior Consultant, Minergie

Armin Binz has graduated as an architect from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and runs a consulting firm for applied building physics for several years .He turned his lectureship into a full professorship 6 years ago. He is also a Senior Minergie Consultant and founding member of Minergie Innternational.

Claude Alain Roulet

Professor Emeritus, Institute of Technology of Lausanne, EPFL

Claude Alain Roulet is a building physicist with almost 50 years of experience in materials and energy. He has been a researcher and Professor in the Institute of Technology in Lausanne and has worked not only on thermal insulation materials, but also on ventilation systems and indoor environmental air quality. Roulet assisted the Swiss Federal Government in enforcing testing and quality assurance mechanisms for building materials, particularly thermal insulation materials. He has published several books and manuals on energy-efficient building design.

Christoph Ospelt

Director, EnergyKonzepte SA

Christoph Ospelt began as a research assistant at the 'Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory’ of the Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne (EPFL). Later, his research at MIT focused on Life Cycle Assessment in the context of buildings and on the sustainability of buildings. Christoph Ospelt founded Lenum AG in Liechtenstein, and later partnered with EK Energiekonzepte in Zurich. His firm specializes on the sustainability of the built environment, energy efficiency, and the use of renewable energy. Both companies have assisted in designing many advanced prize-winning sustainable buildings, including Positive-energy Buildings, Minergie, Passive and Eco-Buildings.

Heinrich Gugerli

Former Head, Department of Sustainable Buildings, City of Zurich, Co-founder of Minergie-Eco, Vice president of Ecobau

Heinrich Gugerli has many years of experience as a structural engineer, as well as in research for energy efficiency, ecology in building design and facility management. He has been Head of the Sustainable Building Group in the Building Department and is responsible for energy and resource efficiency as well as indoor environmental quality in the city-owned buildings. He also coordinated the task on municipal buildings of the City Council’s goal ‘Sustainable City of Zurich – on the way to the 2000-Watt-Society’ for the term 2006 to 2010. He lectures regularly at the ETH and various technical colleges. At present, Heinrich Gugerli is Vice President of Eco-bau, which promotes ecological and healthy buildings.

Pierre Hollmuller

Senior Researcher, University of Geneva, Energy Group

Pierre Hollmuller is a senior research scientist at the Energy Group, Institute of Environmental Science, University of Geneva. Over the years, he has carried out energy and economic analysis of in-situ innovative energy systems in the built environment. His international experience ranges from research and academia to consultancy and grass-roots NGO work. He has developed guidelines and thumb rules for engineers and architects that are widely used. For many years, his research has focused on the design and implementation of earth air tunnels for heating and cooling purposes. His work is based on diverse complementary approaches, such as monitoring and evaluation of real-scale installations, mathematical modeling, numerical simulation, and system analysis.

Willi Frei

Architect and Partner, Bauart

Willi Frei has over 40 years of experience in architectural practice in Switzerland and internationally. He is a co-founder of Bauart, which is one of Switzerland’s largest architectural agencies, renowned for its achievements in the field of energy-efficient sustainable buildings. He has also worked on the design of the Federal Office for Statistics in Neuchatel, the Marin low-energy commercial centre, and the Ecoparc in Neuchâtel, all of which showcase energy-efficient and innovative applications for high-performance modern buildings.