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Students & Educators

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The BEEP Camp for students is held annually by The Indo-Swiss Building Energy Efficiency Project and CEPT University. The camp is designed for students (in the domains of architecture, planning and engineering) and young professionals.

What to expect in the BEEP Camp?
  • Learn the fundamentals of energy efficient and thermally comfortable building design through expert lectures and tutorials
  • Experience and learn to design buildings using integrated design approach in multi-disciplinary group-work sessions
  • Visit and observe experiments at the Centre for Advanced Research in Building Science and Energy (CARBSE) lab in CEPT University
  • Visit energy efficient buildings and interact with its architect-engineer and operations team
  • Network with key building energy efficiency sector stakeholders
  • Presentations  on academic project work in poster session

BEEP Camp For Students



BEEP Camp For Educator

BEEP Educator Camp 2018 

Part of mainstreaming building energy efficiency is strengthening building science education in our institutions. BEEP organized the BEEP Camp for Educators 2018 with the objective of increasing organized interaction between building science educators.

Participating educators shared about adopted pedagogy, academic curricula, tools and approaches used to impart building science education at undergraduate and postgraduate programs in India, and, how this responds to requirements of the building sector

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