The BEEP Network for Building Energy Education or BEEP-Net (E ) aims to foster a competent future generation of professionals in India in the areas of building design and building energy efficiency. For this, BEEP-Net (E) organizes (a) annual BEEP camps for architecture and engineering students and (b) annual workshops for faculty members to improve building energy efficiency education.

BEEP Camp for Students

BEEP organizes an annual camp for students to foster a competent future generation of building design and building energy efficiency professionals in India. As part of the camp, participants will:

    • Learn the fundamentals of energy-efficient and thermally comfortable building design through expert lecture sessions on topics such as:
      • Building physics
      • Passive strategies
      • Building materials and construction technologies
      • Energy-efficient space conditioning
      • Building controls and information technology for buildings
      • Thermal and energy performance indicators
      • Building energy conservation codes
      • Introduction of energy modelling and simulation
    • Visit energy-efficient buildings and interact with its architects, engineers, and operations team
    • Experience and learn to design buildings using integrated design approach in multi-disciplinary group-work sessions
    • Network with key building energy efficiency sector stakeholders
    • Present their academic project work in a poster session.

BEEP Camp for Educators

BEEP organizes an annual camp for educators to discuss issues related with building energy efficiency education. The camp provides an opportunity for:

  • Critical discussion on the curriculum and pedagogy for building energy efficiency
  • Sharing of tools, case studies, and innovative content delivery methods based on observation, laboratory, studio or field exposure
  • Developing a joint action plan for improving the curricula and pedagogy.