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Charrette Conductors’ Trainings

The objective of a charrette conductors’ training is to strengthen their skills in conducting integrated design charrettes and fine-tuning their abilities to convince clients to adopt energy efficiency measures.

Ahmedabad, May 2016

Lonavala, December 2015

Delhi , December 2014

Training on Design and Simulation of Radiant Cooling Systems

The training programme is targeted at Indian professionals involved in designing of HVAC systems and energy simulation. The programme is designed to enhance their knowledge on radiant cooling system and to help them design and implement radiant cooling systems better in the building projects they are involved in.

Hyderabad, December 2015
Organized by BEEP at International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA) 2015
Trainer: Mr Pierre Jaboyedoff

Gurgaon, March 2016
Organized by BEEP and India Chapter and Delhi Chapter of The Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE)
Trainer: Mr Pierre Jaboyedoff

Bangalore, November 2013
Trainer: Mr Pierre Jaboyedoff

Training on Advanced Use of Energy Simulation

BEEP organized this training to address issues of simulations programs being used without expertise, lack of understanding of results, lack of control of the hypothesis and assumptions, error in the inputs and inappropriate use of simulation programs. The training also improved the limited capacity of Indian professionals in energy simulation of new and complex building technologies

New Delhi, July 2013
Trainer: Prof. Pierre Hollmuller

Training on Earth Air Tunnel

This training was conducted by BEEP to learn about alternative cooling technologies such as Earth Air Tunnel. The training programme was designed for practising architects and HVAC engineers, who work in the domain of sustainable/green buildings.

Ahmedabad, May 2015

Common Training Programme on Building Insulation

As a follow up to the MoU signed with CEPT University, Ahmedabad; Isolloyd Engineering Technologies, Baddi; Spectro Analytical Labs, New Delhi; Nirma University, Ahmedabad; and Shriram Institute of Industrial Research, Bangalore; BEEP organized a training programme to cover the basics of building insulation materials, applications, properties, testing standards and testing equipment. The training was also aimed at promoting collaboration between the partners.

Training Programme on Application of Thermal Insulation in Buildings

This training programme helps Indian professionals involved in building design to enhance their knowledge on building insulation materials, and to select and use insulation materials in the building projects they are associated with.

Jaipur, April 2017
Organized by BEEP and India Insulation Forum
Trainer: Mr Pierre Jaboyedoff

New Delhi, December 2016
Organized by BEEP and India Insulation Forum
Trainer: Prof. Claud Alain Roulet

Hyderabad and Ahmedabad, August 2015

Training Programme for Energy Efficient Building Design for GIFT City

BEEP conducted a design charrette for a building project at GIFT City in June 2014. During subsequent meetings with the officials of the GIFT City Company Limited (GIFTCL), the need for training its professionals on energy efficiency in buildings was felt. Accordingly, it was decided to conduct training and orientation programmes on energy efficiency in buildings for professionals at GIFTCL, who are responsible for providing regulatory approvals, verification of actual design being implemented, and maintenance of common services within GIFT City. The training provided technical know-how on energy efficiency in buildings so that they can ensure all buildings in GIFT City are energy efficient.