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BEEP Student Camp


What to expect in the BEEP Camp?

The BEEP Student Camp for is an annual hands-on educational event organized to foster a competent future generation of building design professionals in India focusing building energy efficiency.

This Camp provides a unique opportunity to students and young professionals to understand the fundamentals of building physics and apply it in design exercises using the integrated design process. The camp sessions are designed to ensure that participants learn through multi-disciplinary group-work sessions and through learning sessions conducted by leading practitioners and educators from the building energy efficiency sector. The camp also encourages the students to engage in critical discussions on the subject, and share tools, case studies, and innovative content delivery methods.

The BEEP team has also created the BEEP Youth Forum, a network of the camp alumni. Through this forum the alumni can continue to engage with each other for experience and knowledge sharing much beyond the Camp itself.

*Only for BEEP Student Camp Alumni

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Ashok B. Lall

Principal Architect
Ashok B Lall Architects
BEEP Camp faculty since 2018

Ulrike Passe

Associate Professor
Architecture & Director Center for Building Energy Research Iowa State University
BEEP Camp faculty 2018

Rajan Rawal

Executive Director
Centre for Advanced Research in Building Science and Energy (CARBSE)
BEEP Camp faculty since 2018

Pierre Jaboyedoff

Partner in Effin'Art Sarl
BEEP Camp faculty since 2018

Prashant Bhanware

Principal Consultant, Greentech Knowledge Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
BEEP Camp faculty since 2018

Francois Garde

Department of Sustainable Construction, Faculty of Engineering ESIROI, University of Reunion Island
BEEP Camp faculty 2019

Yash Shukla

Technical Director (Energy Systems)
Centre for Advanced Research in Building Science and Energy (CARBSE)
BEEP Camp faculty 2018

Thomas Jusselme

Eco-design Engineer and Researcher
BEEP Camp faculty 2018

Ram Bhat

Options & Solutions
BEEP Camp faculty since 2018

Gurneet Singh

Environmental Design Solutions
BEEP Camp faculty since 2018

Ziaul Hoda

Human Capacity Development Expert
BEEP Camp faculty since 2018

Dr. Udayraj

Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering Indian Institute of Technology, Bhilai
BEEP Camp faculty 2019

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Engineering (Post Graduate student)
Before this I had never interacted with architects directly or indirectly . It was fun to go this high intensity, fast faced camp.Things at the university can get very static and this camp was very dynamic in terms of education , learning and fun

Anuja Raju

Architecture (Recent Graduate)
I was interested in BEEP camp because i would help me learn more about building energy efficiency and give more practical knowledge about something I had studied about but haven't ever implemented. I got to work with engineers and we were able to get their perspectives. Usually we architects design and we say , they will take care of it, in camp we are taking ones of our design in terms of energy efficiency.

Gautham Ramesh

Architecture (Under Graduate Student)
The BEEP camp show the layers of complexities that this field involves. In my future work, I I would specially take forward the aspects of team building learnt in the camp.


Engineering (Ph.D scholar)
I had an amazing experience at the camp primarily because of the way it was organised.The pace was fast and it was very inclusive. The camp was interesting mix of teaching and application.

Naga Veekata Sai Kumar

(Building energy efficiency professional)
I've been working in the field of building energy efficiency for the past 6 months and felt that there were many gaps in my knowledge. this camp help me filled those gaps.Before the camp, I through I'd only on receiving end , learning things. But here i was also on giving end. There were students and my experience was useful for them. I came across various methods of interacting with different professionals and students. This could be resourceful on teaching site too.

Shruti Gupta

Green Building Consultant (Recent Post Graduate (Architecture))
The camp had comprehensive learning along with communication skills development. the best part was that we tried out hands on- integrated design process. I also got update my knowledge during this camp.

Vartika Sharma

Architecture (Under Graduate Student)
Apart from learning about building energy efficiency, it was different atmosphere with everybody - architects, researchers , professionals - together in an exclusive environment. I was empowering to be a part of this camp.

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